What are you monitoring?

Does your current monitoring solution:

  • Proactively monitor your and your customer's devices?
  • Generate alerts when things aren't optimal?
  • Generate scheduled reports of performance and status?
  • Allow remote login to correct issues?
  • Produce audit information about who did what, where and when?
  • Scale across single or multiple sites and management domains?
  • Provide a single coherent view of your management domain?

Do you have a current monitoring solution?

If the answer to any of the above is NO, then read on!

Platform independent system, application and network infrastructure management solution

Scalable & fault-tolerant: ConsoleMon™ has been designed to handle the increasingly complex infrastructure as your business expands. This allows you to be confident that your applications, systems & networks continue to be reliably monitored & logged - especially when it matters most.

Complete accountability & compliance: ConsoleMon™ helps to meet the compliance and security policies of organisations by eliminating uncontrolled & unrecorded access to critical consoles and devices. With all interaction policed by ConsoleMon and securely logged, users cannot perform privileged actions undetected or outside the prescribed boundaries.

Platform independent: managing Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware and VMS environments. With a clientless or client based option ConsoleMon can monitor and manage just about any IP based device including CISCO switches and routers, IP cameras, copiers, SAN/NAS, workstations, servers or virtual machines from one GUI.

Features include: automated user reports, including predictive trend analysis, full audit trails for compliance, whole network reachability, in-band and out-of-band monitoring, remote access, customisable threshold alerts. Intelligent Management Packs are provided to suit your particular operating systems, server hardware types  & applications.

Encrypted log files: ConsoleMon™  automatically captures the comprehensive keystroke and change data required for internal audits, to verify compliance and ensure ITIL best practice – securely logged using tamper-proof 128 bit encryption.

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