ConsoleMon ™
Platform independent system, application and network infrastructure management solution


In a single software solution, ConsoleMon™ provides the ability to monitor and control every device on a network, regardless of its make and model, location, platform or traffic type. In the majority of cases, organisations have multiple solutions in place to deliver what we provide through one solution, with a single, easy to use graphical user interface.

ConsoleMon™ is functionally rich and has been designed to deliver enterprise-class capabilities and performance. It can be effectively deployed in any organisation where availability, quality and security are mission critical, to improve network efficiency, extend product lifecycles and reduce total cost of ownership.

ConsoleMon™ provides both in-band and out-of-band monitoring options across local, wide and remote connections and supports SNMP and a wide range of other protocols.


ConsoleMon™ enables organisations to extract greater business value from their IT infrastructure by enabling:

  • In-depth control of all devices on the network from a single point of access
  • In-built user defined alerts to predict trends to enhance productivity
  • Dynamic, automated logs for compliance
  • 'Pay-as-You-Go' utility billing
  • Greater productivity by managing network devices from a central console


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ConsoleMon™ can bring all of the serial consoles together, onto a single management system in a single location, while allowing access to each of the consoles from multiple systems in multiple locations. At the same time, more modern management mechanisms, such as the SNMP and WMI protocols, may be used to manage devices in the Data Centre.

Alerts are generated with the state relative to the event that triggered them. Alert generation can be suppressed if repeat alerts occur within specific time spans. Alerts are assigned ISO severity values in the range Indeterminate, Clear, Warning, Minor, Major, Critical. Alerts can be classified against user defined sub-systems, e.g. performance, network, etc.

Install ConsoleMon™ on multiple servers to ensure business continuity in the event of loss of the primary server. ConsoleMon™ can be clustered to provide failover and load balancing support.

In recent years, government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA have been introduced, and with them entirely new headaches for IT professionals. Security requirements are now defined by law. Comprehensive and complete logs of all user activity and security events are now needed, not only to enforce security policy, but to provide accountability and audit trail.

ConsoleMon™ is not just about monitoring. Give your users privileges to connect to the console views of the managed devices, and allow them to interact with the devices, fixing any issues interactively, with all interaction logged and audited.

See exactly how many issues you have at a glance, using the dashboard in the User Interface..

ConsoleMon™ can monitor and manage devices/applications via a variety of built-in mechanisms.

Intelligent Management Packs can be chosen to suit your particular hardware/software configurations. These allow powerful real time event pattern matching to automatically trigger specific remedial actions or send alerts plus recommended actions.

Monitor the usage of critical resources over time, and plan for future requirements to ensure that you have budget in place when expenditure is required.

By combining in-band and out-of-band management in a single solution, ConsoleMon™ enables your business to significantly increase the availability, quality and security of the services you deliver.

In order to provide comprehensive auditing capability, ConsoleMon™ maintains logs of system activity including Captured managed resource data, Detected events, Detected alerts and ConsoleMon™ user interaction.

Install management packs for your hardware/software type and automatically start monitoring your chosen device type.

Connect In-Band to your managed devices via their native Remote Desktop functionality.

ConsoleMon™ presents a fully secured system using 128 bit encryption (stronger encryption may be enabled if required).

The user interface provides the functions needed for full monitoring and control of all configured devices. The user interface can be downloaded and installed from the web server built into the main ConsoleMon™ application server. The level of control is dependent on user rights and privileges, giving secure access to only those who should have it.

Provide your Users/Customers with customised web reports of their managed resources, their state and utilisation.