Platform independent system, application and network infrastructure management solution

Web Reporting

Provide your Users/Customers with customised web reports of their managed resources, their state and utilisation.

Reports are built by the ConsoleMon Administrator (or a user with the correct privileges), using ordinary HTML as well as some special ConsoleMon™ specific tags that allow extraction of statistical data from the ConsoleMon™ database.

The types of data that can be embedded on a customised report can include:

  • Pie and Time series charts of any ConsoleMon collected statistic, e.g.
    • CPU utilisation
    • Disk utilisation
    • Network adapter utilisation
    • Percentage Uptime for a managed resource
  • Currently outstanding alerts and their severity for any managed resource
  • Managed resource description
  • Managed resource monitoring status (whether being monitored or not)
  • Dashboard showing counts of outstanding alerts by severity or classification.

Reports can also be personalised by:

  • Branding in line with your Company or Service specific look and feel.